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Besides the Adtech community, today’s article specifically caters to the Supply side eco-system.

The top publishers have definitely partnered with one or more SSP’s, some have explored header bidding as well, some are yet to explore.

The objective of this article is –

  1. For the Top Publishers – who are already live on Programmatic channels – to ensure they stay invested and work towards educating the buy side community.
  2. For the New & Emerging Publishers – there are many new publishers who use Social media as their prime source of traffic. Some of them have gone Programmatic. To the rest, hope this helps you move forward to this side of the fence.

Inputs by Sudipto Das – Country Manager, India @ Pubmatic.

1. Why go Programmatic? What problems can be solved?

Technology’s transformation of the advertising industry has been so profound it has spawned a multi-billion dollar ad tech industry and fueled the growth of two of the biggest companies the world has ever seen.

As consumer’s dependency on devices increase with 24/7 access to the internet, it is no surprise that advertising dollars spent on digital now exceeds that spent on TV in many markets.

“Advertising is experiencing its own industrial revolution.” 

Advertising is experiencing its own industrial revolution and this is most pronounced in digital where the search for faster, better and stronger ways of working has given rise to programmatic. Cutting edge technology platforms and algorithmic code allow both buyers and sellers of advertising to enjoy the unprecedented benefits of automation:

  • Workflow efficiency – machine talking to machine enables real-time bidding and selling of inventory. When compared to the traditional IO approach, the speed and volume of transaction is unparalleled.
  • Data-led decisions – with consumers leaving a digital footprint every time they go online, this data is used in real-time to buy and sell media in order to deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time like never before.
  • Scalability – real-time bidding allows exponentially more decisions to be made at any one time providing huge opportunity to scale campaigns.

2. Will it bring in new demand for the Publishers? How can they balance it with their existing direct demand? How do they benefit?

A fundamental principle of programmatic advertising is the democratization of demand and supply.”

I strongly believe in an open digital marketplace where buyers and suppliers both big and small transact freely.

Using a Supply Side Partner (SSP), publishers can transform their businesses by unlocking sources of demand for their advertising. With basic market forces in play, this enables publishers to earn the true value for their ad impressions. Additionally programmatic technology and the consumer data captured, allow publishers to more efficiently organize and segment their inventory to appeal to buyers with a variety of objectives and price points.

For the buy side (clients and agencies), SSPs provide access to a vast amount of inventory that previously had been undiscoverable. Tailored packages of premium/brand safe environments and real-time insights for campaign planning and forecasting.

3. Is it a huge commercial investment? Any must do’s/don’t while on-boarding?

“Opportunity cost of not going programmatic is far greater than the cost of going programmatic.”

Costs shouldn’t be prohibitive, with most supply/demand side partners finding that the opportunity cost of not going programmatic being far greater than the cost of doing so.

There are a number of key consideration when embarking on programmatic transformation:

  • Open, Collaborative & Transparent – Work with the right partners, only with an open digital marketplace will a fair price be achieved for both supply and demand.  This requires interoperability between ad tech providers, so only work with those who are collaborative and transparent.
  • Beyond the Duopoly – Look beyond the duopoly, be mindful of walled gardens and the possible unnatural bias they place on their own interests.
  • Direct Sales Alignment – Align your business internally to support programmatic. Ensure sales team are structured and remunerated correctly so they see programmatic as an opportunity not as a threat to direct sales.
  • Header Bidding -As a publisher, utilize header bidding to unlock demand and maximize yield.
  • Types of deals – On the demand side, as brands budget increasingly look to take advantage of the benefits of programmatic, ensure levels of knowledge and training keeps up with new and exciting buying methods like private marketplaces, automated guaranteed and biddable IO.

4, Decode Header bidding? Any additional steps for Publishers? Does that need to happen while on-boarding or can be done anytime?

Header bidding arose due to inefficiencies in the legacy waterfall set-up in a publisher adserver which meant they missed out on revenue opportunities”. The arrival of header bidding levels the playing field and gives control back to publishers – control that had increasingly been handed over to the Google/Facebook duopoly. 

“Publishers can expect on average 50% uplift in yield as a result of header bidding.”

Publishers can expect, on average, a 50% uplift in yield as a result of header bidding, so with more publishers hearing about the positive results header bidding delivered, they soon came to expect their tech partners to facilitate the change – which is why PubMatic has been pushing header bidding as a tactic since 2012.

When considering header bidding here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Stability: A stable and well established partner with a good presence in market and experience in carrying out these types of integrations is key.
  • Openness: The tech partner should also be willing to work with partners who could be deemed as their competitors, be invested in maintaining an open media ecosystem and putting the interests of the publisher first.
  • Case studies: Choosing the correct partner is key and should allow you to ask any question, bust open any ad tech myths and concerns. Asking for case studies is key – as header bidding results speak for themselves.

India as a market is fast adopting to Programmatic. The eco-system is continuously evolving. Hope you make the most of this (inventory) Democracy & open market environment.

For any queries, suggestions, or feedback please write to us on [email protected]

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