Programmatic Day @Google

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Programmatic Day @ Google Gurgaon / Double Click Event: 2 / Buyer meet Seller

Few of the attendees –

  • Buyers
    1. Amnet (Trading Desk of Dentsu Aegis Group)
    2. AOD (Audience on Demand) (Trading Desk of Publicise Group)
    3. Cadreon (Trading Desk of IPG group)
    4. Criteo
    5. IBIBO Ads
    6. Sociomantic
    7. Vizury
  • Sellers
    1. Times Internet
    2. IRCTC
    3. Web 18
    4. NDTV

We figured (and it was mentioned by the Adx team) that Times Internet is the most advanced player from among the Premium Publishers in India venturing in the Programmatic Adtech space.

Key takeaways from the event –

  • According to Google, US as a market is on Stage 4 or 5 (5 being highest) in terms of Programmatic evolution whereas India is on Stage 2 now but is moving fast towards Stage 3.
  • Buyers like AOD, Amnet, Cadreon (all ATD’s) have already started getting some of the Top Advertisers on Programmatic.
  • Programmatic Simplified – One of the lead buyers also speaker at the event mentioned that Programmatic is just a simple change in execution and not in selling. The sales guy can continue to go and sell how he/she sell today, just that instead of exchanging RO/IO they can share the Deal ID. The campaign can be live within minutes.
  • Cash flow benefit – We all know how the payment cycles in India are and I am sure most of us are working everyday to make it better. But with Programmatic execution the seller is guaranteed payments from the SSP / PMP provider within a mentioned duration (the standard generally followed is 60 days)
  • Programmatic Direct – The Buyers, ATD’s and even Google suggests that the Sellers should start moving their standard placements to Programmatic as a channel for execution and continue to have the Customization / Sponsorships on the traditional channel.
  • Buyer side Conflicts – Most of the Sellers resist Programmatic thinking it will cannibalize their existing set up. But we tend to miss what is the situation at the Buyer side. There are conflicts at the Agency (buyer) side as well. But thankfully the situation is much better than before as we see ATD’s in India gaining traction.
  • Seller Side – We @times have launched the Programmatic channel keeping in mind a unique offering as we only sell Audience targeting there and not Assured Ad placement as the Direct Channel. Thanks to that we see a new Demand channel being created.

To all those who attended and hosted the event, please feel free to add more.

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