Programmatic Checklist for Advertisers while onboarding

Reem Saied, CMO –

Many feel and think that the Top 100 advertisers are the first to adopt Programmatic advertising. They do have the Big 4 agencies working for them who use the Global platforms available. But Programmatic advertising can be adopted by a larger set of advertisers who are outside the Global Top 100 companies as well.

Here is a basic checklist you can refer to while on-boarding:

1. Business KPI – Have you defined your business outcomes from the campaign?
2. Digital Infra – Do you have the basic infrastructure in place like an Adserver, conversion pixels and any audience data codes tagged on sites and landing pages?
3. Creatives – Do you have the creative assets across formats in place like Display banners, Video files, Native ad images?
4. Programmatic Tactic – What is your basic strategy? Are you looking for Premium placement via Deal IDs or Behavioral targeting or Retargeting?
5. Strategy meets Execution – Ensure you align your business KPIs with campaign metrics like reach/frequency, clicks/visits or conversions (sales, leads, registrations).
6. Budgets – You must have decent budgets (not very large) to test and scale, around INR 5 lacs – INR 7 lacs (USD 8,000- 10,000~) for 4 weeks and slowly increase once you start seeing results.

Inputs by Reem Saied – CMO

As the above inputs are from a Marketer himself, hope this will help all the advertisers skip the early mistakes and execute more effectively.

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